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Rose Parade Recap: Honoring Donors and Families

By | February 9th, 2016

The Rose Parade is America’s New Year celebration that showcases the very best of community spirit and love. This year marked the 13th appearance of the Donate Life float in the parade and several AMAT organizational members were present to honor donor families and recipients. Here’s a recap!

Sierra Donor Services was honored to send the Perez Family to honor their family member, Marina Perez, who became a donor in 2012.  It was a bittersweet week spent remembering the good times and focusing on the good that can come from donation. The family attended the Floragraph Breakfast; they helped decorate the float (including mom, Nicole, lovingly placing Marina’s floragraph on the float), and they participated in the float judging.  One of the most touching moments was when Marina’s baby sisters, Natalie and Madalina, were able to be close to her floragraph and were chatting with Marina about what they remember, “Hi Sissy, I remember when you used to put make up on me.”  It was a wonderful way to honor a beautiful, generous young lady who was wise beyond her thirteen years.

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Donor Network West joined the 2016 Donate Life Float in celebration of Sisto Fuentes and the lives he saved, including that of his family friend, George Grimm. Sisto, a selfless giver, was honored with a floragraph proudly displayed next to George, a float rider and one of four lives saved by Sisto’s generous act of donation. The Rose Parade festivities also served as the perfect backdrop for three of Sisto’s brothers to finally meet George, the man in whom Sisto’s heart lives on.dn_west_2


LifeLink Foundation highlighted and shared a courageous story of donors and families following a 2014 Venice plane crash. Ommy  Irizarry, and his daughter, Oceana, were memorialized for both the lives they led and the gifts they gave.  Oceana saved the lives of three people, and Ommy’s gift of tissue donation changed the lives of dozens of others. LifeLink Foundation shared a special press release and supported the Rose Parade celebration through all of their social media networks.

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NJ Sharing Network was proud to officially send New Jersey representatives to Pasadena for the 2016 Parade of Roses. It was an amazing opportunity to remember those who gave, honor those who received, and give hope to those who continue to wait. It was also a time to remember those who have passed waiting for life-saving transplant.

Bridge to Life, Ltd. was the proud sponsor of the Betsy Niles’ floragraph for the 2016 Parade of Roses. With the help of Sigma Pi International Fraternity – Montclair State University Chapter, Betsy’s family was sent off in style. NJ Sharing Network was proud to honor our heroes and collaborate with Bridge to Life, Ltd. for the third year in a row.

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