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Educational Webinar Series

— Webinar: Hospital Development Best Practices 

Presented by the API Workgroup

Held on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Moderator: Karen Gans, Senior Transplant Coordinator, API Workgroup Chair
Dung Lu, Recipient, Support Group Leader
Huang Pham, Community Health Worker, Community Health Partnership
  • Overview of Vietnamese culture, tradition, views, and barriers towards healthcare
  • Cultural barriers within transplant support groups
  • Highlights of successful partnerships with Asian communities and businesses
  • Tools to build relationships in your local Asian community

Presented by the Hospital Development Workgroup

Held on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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Presentation Recording

— In Honor of  Native American Heritage Month —

Native American Perspective on Approach for Organ and Tissue Donation

Presented by the Native American Workgroup 

Held on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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AMAT Transcript 11-1-17

Presentation Recording


—Webinar: Let The Church Say Amen! —

Presented by the African American Workgroup 

Held on Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 

Presentation Materials

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Presentation Recording

— In Honor of  Donate Life ECHO and National Minority Donor Awareness Month —

Held on Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Presentation Materials

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Presentation Recording

—In Honor of  Asian Pacific Islander Month—

Held on Wednesday May 17, 2017  (Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month)

Presentation Materials 

Power Point API Webinar – May 17 2017 – Understanding Chinese.pptx

—In Honor of  Black History Month—

 Reframing the Donation Conversation in the Era of Black Lives Matter

Held on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 

Presentation Materials 

Presentation Recording


Power Point AMAT BlackLivesMatter.Gift.of.Life_FINAL.2.15.17

Presentation Transcript


From the American Public Health Association: 

Health Equity


Racism and Health


Link to our Black Lives Matter article:


Lasting Legacy video (Gift of Hope):

Gift of Hope Lasting Legacy 30 second spot

—In Honor of API Heritage Month—

Utilizing Focus Groups: From Soundbites to Saving Lives in the API Community

Held Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Utilizing Focus Groups Presentation

Webinar Objectives

At the end of the webinar, participants will have gained invaluable insights into:

  • Focus group methodologies – from recruitment best practices to the importance of a trusted facilitator
  • The benefits of leveraging zip-code level data for enhanced market analysis and marketing messages
  • How focus group findings have inspired clinical requesters to transform their approach

Joyce Ng (pronounced ‘Ing’) has specialized in qualitative market research since 1990, when she established her consultancy, Springboard Marketing Research.  Formerly a marketing and product development manager with Reebok International, Mattel Inc., and The Quaker Oats Company, Joyce provides her clients with an unusual combination of research expertise, creativity, and hands-on marketing and new product experience.  Joyce has conducted research across a broad array of industries, including not-for-profit endeavors, with a wide variety of research participants. In addition to general market studies, Joyce has particular expertise working with children, teens and young adults, educators, business professionals, and Asian Americans.  Joyce uses an ever-evolving kit of research and idea-generating techniques to deliver actionable ideas and information for achieving her clients’ objectives.

 Ilene Mason

Ilene Mason is a Medical Social Worker with more than 30 years of experience in the practice of Social Work, dedicated to supporting individuals and families during some of the most universal and vulnerable life experiences: coping with serious illness, facing one’s mortality, death and dying, sudden and unexpected loss. Ilene has had the privilege of compassionately helping families in crisis, providing bereavement and grief support.  She has served as a supervising Social Worker for Heartland Hospice, and currently, as a Family Resource Coordinator, for Donor Network West. Ilene is extremely passionate about raising awareness of organ and tissue donation and transplantation. She actively participates in donor education activities, community and hospital presentations, health fairs and other health-related events.

 Ayanna N.S. Anderson 

Ayanna N.S. Anderson, M.P.S., M.S., serves as a Senior Community Development Liaison for Donor Network West. In this role, she manages a vibrant volunteer team of Donate Life Ambassadors; links arms with multicultural community influencers and stakeholders; and drives strategic campaigns targeting high schools, DMV offices, health clinics, and faith-based institutions. Ayanna has more than 15 years of industry experience as a strategic communications and community engagement evangelist, and is especially passionate about re-framing the healthcare conversation to include the life-saving topic of organ and tissue and transplantation. A former AMAT board member, Ayanna has served in various leadership and committee roles with the Association.
Target Audience:
Members of the donation and transplantation community serving multi-ethnic populations.

Donate Life America & AMAT: Strive to Engage, Recruit, Retain and Motivate Volunteers

Held on Thursday, May 5, 2016


The Donate Life America Volunteer Committee, in a joint effort with AMAT, will host a webinar to share effective strategies for recruiting, engaging, and retaining volunteers. There will be a special emphasis on recruiting donor families, minority volunteers, and tissue recipient volunteers.


Zach Hausauer, Donor Network West – Volunteer Recruitment, Engagement & Retention

Kim Charles, Southwest Transplant Alliance – Recruiting Staff Volunteers, Educating Staff to Recruit Volunteers

Elizabeth McNamara, Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, Tissue Recipient Recruiting

“Generation Next: Millennials and Donation.”

Held on Thursday, August 27, 2016

Not sure if Instagram, SnapChat, or YouTube is the holy grail for reaching today’s youth with the message of saving lives? Then, be sure to mark your calendars for the next exciting AMAT webinar, “Generation Next: Millennials and Donation.” Hosted by the Latino Workgroup.

Millennials  (Generation Y) are optimistic, multitaskers extraordinaire, masters of self-expression, and walking contradictions.  The goal of this webinar is to help OPO professionals understand this particular sector of the population and learn about the challenges and benefits of conceiving campaigns to reach them.

Featured Speakers:

Ozzie Godinez
CEO and Co-Founder
PACO Cross-cultural Marketing
Chicago, IL

Sharon Castellanos
Perinatology / Integrated Health Practice
Kaiser Permanente
Santa Clara, CA
Donor mother


Beverly Berry
Multicultural Education Coordinator
Alabama Organ Center

2015 Past Webinars

“The Impact of our Trailblazers: Contributions that are still impacting the field of organ donation and transplantation.”

Presented: August 5, 2015

Happy National Minority Donor Awareness Week!

In honor of this national observance, you do not want to miss the next AMAT webinar, “The Impact of our Trailblazers: Contributions that are still impacting the field of organ donation and transplantation.”

Featured webinar speakers include:

Clive Callender, M.D. – A native New Yorker, Dr. Callender is the founder of the National Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education Program (MOTTEP) and National Minority Donor Awareness Week, observed August 1-7. In 1973, Dr. Callender helped to  develop the first minority directed dialysis and transplant center and histocompatibility and immunogenetic laboratory in the United States. In January 1996, Dr. Callender was appointed Chairman of the Department of Surgery and in February 1996, appointed the first LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr. Professor of Surgery at the Howard University College of Medicine. As the Senior African American Transplant Surgeon and expert as it relates to minorities and organ/tissue donation and transplantation, Dr. Callender’s has participated in numerous media appearances with outlets such as the Oprah Show and Dateline. Dr. Callendar has spoken to both professional and lay audiences at more than 700 meetings/forums on the subject of transplantation, and has authored over 100 scientific publications. He is a member of numerous professional societies, and has served as referee for ten scientific journals.

Charles Modlin, M.D. — Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Board-Certified Urologist, Dr. Modlin founded and directs the Cleveland Clinic Minority Men’s Health Center (MMHC) and is Executive Director for Minority Health at Cleveland Clinic.  In 2011, he was selected by the Atlanta Post as one of the Top 21 Black Doctors in America. He is the sole African-American transplant surgeon in Ohio, and one of only about 20 African-American transplant surgeons in the U.S. and a recognized national leader for the elimination of Minority Health Disparities.

“API Webinar: “Indian (South Asian) Perspective on Organ/Tissue Donation”

Presented: June 23, 2015

Please mark your calendars for the must-attend webinar: ““Indian (South Asian) Perspective on Organ/Tissue Donation, Raising Awareness in the Indian Community, and Best Practices When Approaching Families of Indian Descent.”

Featured webinar speakers include:

Christopher Taylor Barry, M.D. — A Transplant Consultant to the Government of Rajasthan in India and MOHAN Foundation Advisory Board Member. He is a transplant surgeon, researcher, entrepreneur, and champion of organ donation awareness.  He will share:

  • Perceptions of Indians (living in India, as well as in the US) on organ/tissue donation
  • His efforts to generate increased awareness in both India and the U.S.

Mr. Mohan Mahal — A Heart Transplant Recipient for more than 20 years. He is a Lead Donate Life Ambassador with Donor Network West and the head of Mohan USA.  He will share:

  • The work of MOHAN here in the U.S.
  • His personal perspective as a heart recipient and offer us tips on how best to approach Indian families on the topic of organ donation.

API Webinar: Indian Perspective on Organ/Tissue Donation (PPTx)

 Listen to Audio from Webinar:

ECHO Campaign: Targeted Community Outreach with AMAT/DLA’s New Observance: #DonateLifeEcho

Presented:   May 13, 2015

Join us for our next webinar focused on the partnership with Donate Life America to develop a new observance – Donate Life ECHO (Every Community Has Opportunity) or Done Vida ECO (Esperanza, Comunidad and Oportunidad). The Chairs of each of the AMAT Workgroups will share their plans to implement Donate Life ECHO/Done Vida ECO and general best practices for targeting the African American, Asian/Pacific Islander and Latino communities. We will also hear an update on planned activities for the rest of the year from AMAT President Remonia Chapman. Other speakers include:

Introduction to Donate Life ECHO/Done Vida ECO

Bobby Howard, Immediate Past President, AMAT and Director, Multicultural Education Program, LifeLink of Georgia

Best Practices for African American Outreach

Brandi Ahonsi, African American Workgroup Co-Chair, AMAT and Public Affairs Coordinator, LifeLink Foundation, Inc.

Best Practices for Asian/Pacific Islander Outreach

Lacene Hirst, Asian/Pacific Islander Workgroup Chair, AMAT and Multi-Cultural Outreach Officer, Legacy of Life Hawaii

Best Practices for Latino Outreach

Noel Sanchez, Latino Workgroup Chair, AMAT and Community Development Liaison, Donor Network West

There will be plenty of time to have your questions answered during Q&A with Annie Kure, DLA National Observance Committee Chair and Project Coordinator at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA as well as Nancy Evans, Product and Brand Promotion Supervisor at DLA. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, May 13 from 2-3 p.m. ET. You will receive the Web link and call-in number after you submit your registration.

ECHO Campaign Webinar Presentation (PPTx)

Listen to Audio from Webinar:

“Beyond limitations: Breaking Down Barriers and Saving Lives

Presented:   March 24, 2015

Listen to Audio from Webinar:

Breaking Down Barriers and Saving Lives

For more information, please feel free to reach out to our AMAT Diversity Workgroup Chairs:
Noel Sánchez, Latino Workgroup
Brandi Ahonsi, African American Workgroup
Lacene Hirst, Asian Pacific Islander/API Workgroup

2014 Past Programs

Bridge between Islam and Organ/Tissue Donation

Presented:   December 11, 2014

Raunak “Runi” Jahan, MBBS
Donation Clinical Specialist, LifeGift

Runi Jahan is Muslim by faith and Bengali by culture. She has a medical degree from Bangladesh, her country of birth. Currently she is a donation clinical specialist with LifeGift, serving donors and recipient families of the Houston community. Her presentation covered specific views of the Muslim Bengali community and their perspectives on organ and tissue donation.

Bridge Between Islam and Organ and Tissue Donation (PPTx)

Testimonial:  “This webinar provided relevant and current insights about the Bengali culture and the Muslim faith. The speaker, LifeGift Houston’s Clinical Donor Specialist Raunak “Runi” Jahan, MBBS, provided tools/best practices to bridge the gap between Islam and Organ/ Tissue Donation. Her presentation provided useful resources that will help anyone become more comfortable when working with families of the Muslim faith. It was helpful for me to know that I can offer comfort to families of the Muslim faith in their time of grief by being prepared and well-versed on their faith, customs, and traditions in advance.” — Gay Porzio, Surgical Recovery Coordinator, Legacy of Life Hawai‘i

Media Matters – Creating and nurturing a powerful Latino media presence

Presented: August 7, 2014

This webinar will provide valuable insights as to how to develop effective strategies to reach the growing Latino population through the use of traditional broadcast media.

Speakers include Claudia Sanchez of LifeGift in Houston and Raiza Mendoza or Gift of Hope in Chicago

Creating and nurturing a powerful Latino media presence (PPTx)

Asian Views on Organ and Tissue Donation

Presented: July 21, 2014

This webinar will explore two Asian perspectives towards organ and tissue donation. Speakers will also offer best practices when working with families of the Tibetan Buddhist religion and Japanese culture.

Speakers include:

Tibetan Buddhist Perspective on Organ and Tissue Donation
Dr. Michel Mohr
Associate Professor and Religion Department Chair
University of Hawai’i

Japanese Perspective on Organ and Tissue Donation
Isabel Yuriko Stenzel Byrnes, MSW MPH
Social Worker, Patient Advocate, Double Lung Recipient

AMAT African American Workgroup Webinar

Presented: June 5, 2014

Increasing Donation Awareness through Donor Family and Volunteer Involvement

Download Presentation:
Increasing Donation Awareness through Donor Family and Volunteer Involvement

Listen to Audio from Webinar:

AMAT’s African American Workgroup’s second webinar will show how donor family members help share the message of donation and help increase donor designation. Participants will hear directly from active Donor Family Volunteers on activities and presentations they use to increase awareness and designation.

Speakers include:

Gretchen Fowler, RN, BA, MBA
Donor Family Services
LifeLink of Florida

Reverend Jeffrey Carter
Pastor of Ephesus Ministries
Buffalo, New York

Denisha M. Henry, CMA
Regulatory Administrator

CEPTC credit and a Certificate of Attendance will be offered for this call.

Hispanic/Latino Webinar:  Building Community – Working with Latino Agencies

Presented: Thursday, May 22
Building Community – Working with Latino Agencies

Download Presentation:
Building Community Working with Latino Agencies (PPTx)

During this webinar, participants will hear real-world perspectives of how successful partnerships are forged and sustained with organizations that serve the Latino/Hispanic community. Hear best practices on how to establish and nurture fruitful relationships.

Speakers include:

Mel Bearns
Chair, AMAT Latino Committee

Noel Sanchez
Community Development Liaison
California Transplant Donor Network

Alan Sau
Community Affairs Coordinator
General Consulate of Mexico in San Jose

CEPTC credit and a Certificate of Attendance will be offered for this call.

There is no fee for this innovative initiative but enrollment is required. Enrollment grants you one telephone connection and unlimited participation at your site. Please note there are limited lines available for this call so early enrollment is encouraged.

African American Webinar
Thursday, March 13, 2014 @2:00pm EST
Diversity vs Multicultural – Do You Know the Difference? 
Speaker – Will Ross, MD, MPH

2013 Past Programs

The Culture of Donation in the Asian Community – Oct. 29 

Cultural Conversations – Attitude of Donation in API Community; API Community Partnership with religious leaders, media and organizations to recruit bone marrow donors.

Speakers:Gay Peralta Porzio, Surgical Recovery Coordinator, Legacy of Life Hawaii and Shin Ito, Director of A3M

Building and Embracing Community and Professional Partnerships – Innovation in reaching the Faith-based community

Date: September 2013

Moderator: Rhonda Griffin, NCBTMB, Co-Chair, AMAT African American Committee


Cheryl McGee-Hills
Community Educator
Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency

Erskine Gillespie
Community Development Coordinator
Mid-South Transplant Foundation

Building and Embracing Community and Professional Partnership and Relationships – Cultivating the College Campus Outreach

Date: June 2013

Rhonda Griffin, NCBTMB, Co-Chair, AMAT African American Committee

Zola Matthews-Burgess
Community Outreach Coordinator/Minority Requestor
Mid-South Transplant Foundation, Inc.

Alexis Velazquez
Outreach Director for the organization Donation of Tissues and Organs  at UCLA
Board member for Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine at UCLA

Download Presentation:
June AMAT Webinar (PPT)

Cultural Conversations – Understanding Filipino Nurse History and Working with Filipino Families – May 2013


Sandy Andrada, California Transplant Donor Network


Catherine Ceniza Choy, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Ethnic Studies Department, Asian American Studies, University of California, Berkeley
Michael Romero, Procurement Transplant Coordinator, OneLegacy

Download Presentation:
Understanding Filipinos (PPT)

Connecting with the community to advance your mission – March 2013


— Debra Brown, community relations director, Lifeblood Mid-South Regional blood center in Memphis, TN
— Jami Tyska, in-house coordinator at Hartford Hospital for LifeChoice Donor Services of Connecticut.

Download Presentation:
Building and Embracing Community and Professional Partnerships (PPT)


Church 101: History, Hope, Health – June 2012


Carla Hawkins (LifeLink of Georgia)


— Jerry “Pops” Barnes, City Councilor District 1, Columbus, Georgia
— Reverend Dr. Calvin Baltimore, Transplant Recipient and Pastor, People’s Community Baptist Church, Silver Springs, MD
— Reverend Baymon, Transplant Recipient and Pastor, Deliverance Center Ministries in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts

AMAT/HRSA Present, “DTCP 101 – Donation and Transplantation Community of Practice 101” – May 2012


–Teresa Beigay, DrPh (HRSA)

–Sandy Andrada (California Transplant Donor Network)

–Jan Finn

–Mike Hudson,

–Karen Libs

–Helen Bottenfield

AMAT/HRSA Present, “Multicultural Considerations in Hospital Donor Designation Campaigns” – January 2012


–Kenny Boyd, CPTC, Washington Regional Transplant Community, AMAT Board of Directors

–Heide Aguiar RN, CCRN, MSN. One Legacy

Church 101: History, Hope, Health—Beyond National Donor Sabbath: Continuing the Momentum by Integrating Donation into Health Ministries Throughout the Year – November 2011


Rhonda Griffn , WRTC


–Dr. Bobby Howard, LifeLink of Georgia

–Erskine Gillespie, Mid-South Transplant Foundation

–Reverend James Lewis, Director, Pastoral and Spiritual Care Department, Erie County Medical Care, New York

Church 101: History, Hope, Health—Influencing Donor Designations through African American Churches – August 2011


Bobby Howard (LifeLink of Georgia)

June R. Wallace (California Transplant Donor Network


–1st Assistant Presiding Bishop P.A. Brooks, II, (National Church of God in Christ, Detroit, MI)

–Michael “Mikey” Carraway, Liver Recipient

AMAT Multicultural Headline News Presentation at Donate Life America – June 2011

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    10825 Midlothian Turnpike, Suite 201R
    Richmond, VA 23235
    1-844-654-(AMAT) 2628