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Every Community Has Opportunity (ECHO) Campaign

Donate Life ECHO

The Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT) and Donate Life America (DLA) joined forces to develop Donate Life ECHO, which stands for Every Community Has Opportunity. It will be celebrated the second and third full weeks of each July (July 10 – 23, 2016), as a nationwide observance designed to reach multicultural communities.

The new observance has two objectives: one is to focus on the power of sharing one’s personal decision to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor with members of one’s community; the second is to encourage registered donors to ask members of their personal networks and extended communities to talk about organ, eye and tissue donation and register as donors. Through the ECHO concept of reiteration and repetition—with people sharing the life-affirming message of donation within their community—more lives will be saved and healed. Multicultural communities play a critical role in America’s transplant system. They save and heal lives as donors of organs, eyes and tissue, need life saving kidney transplants in disproportionately high numbers, and serve patients and families as healthcare professionals.

ECHO Video Contest 2016

ECHO Video Contest 2016 Rules

Video Contest Judging Criteria

ECHO Video Contest Flers 2016


ECHO Campaign Webinar

ECHO_DLA Webinar 5 11 16 (PPT)

Listen to Audio from Webinar:

Press Release
National_AMAT DLA ECHO Press Release_2016
AMAT DLA ECHO Local Press Release_2016
AMAT DLA ECO Press Release_2016_Spanish

Implementation Ideas for Individuals and Organizations
ECHO Implementation Ideas for an Organization 2016
ECHO Implementation Ideas for Individuals 2016

FAQs, Talking Points and Statistics – Spanish & English
FAQs, Talking Points and Statistics ECO 2016_Spanish
FAQs, Talking Points and Statistics ECHO 2016

Waitlist by Ethnicity
Waiting List by EthnicityPieChart

Stories of Hope

ECHO - Will African American heart recipient_resized

Each zipped file contains a story and image.

Candace, American Indian kidney recipient
ECHO 2016 Stories of Hope – Candace

Linda, lung recipient (American Indian donor)
ECHO 2016 Stories of Hope – Linda

Carmen, Hispanic cornea recipient (English, Spanish)
ECHO 2016 Stories of Hope – Carmen

Diego, Hispanic kidney recipient (English, Spanish)
ECHO 2016 Stories of Hope – Diego

Mary, Asian kidney recipient (English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog & Vietnamese)
ECHO 2016 Stories of Hope – Mary

Stephanie, Asian donor story (English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog & Vietnamese)
ECHO 2016 Stories of Hope – Stephanie

Warren, African American waiting for a heart
ECHO 2016 Stories of Hope – Warren

Will, African American heart recipient
ECHO 2016 Stories of Hope – Will

Social Media Graphics


Facebook Social Media files
ECHO 2016 Social Media Files

Use these downloadable social renderings for use on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure your transplant organization posts these renderings during the ECHO observance, and please encourage others to share the images via their social networks!


Speech Bubbles


Print and use one of our existing speech bubbles in pictures of yourself, friends and family! You can also create your own message with the bubble template provided.
Zipped folder – Contains PDF of English and Spanish speech bubbles, as well as a blank template
ECHO Speech Bubbles

Sample Phrases for Social Media Posts or Speech Bubble Template – with translations for Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Tagalog
ECHO Sample Phrases with Translations


ECO Champions Are Lifting their Voices in Puerto Rico


ECHO 2015 API 11x11 no website


Take Away Cards

Take Away CardFront_Male_resized

ECHO Take Away Cards

Use these ECHO take away cards at community, hospital, and faith-based events. Card sets include facts about donation pertaining to minority communities. Card sets are also customizable. Be sure to download the files and see what your can use to better community education during ECHO!


Need ideas for items you can order in bulk & customize with your logo? Log in, click on the members tab and click on the ECHO category of DonationMerchandise.com.
Note: A limited number of megaphones are being stocked on Donate Life America’s store.

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